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Communication professions

Press Secretary

If you do not have the required level (indicated above), the Centre has a transition program that will help you to successfully follow the training. If you already have experience of professional life, you can be provided of this core level (from form 4 to upper sixth).

The press secretary job is more and more wanted in all professional organizations.

All professional structures have a growing need to communicate with their socio-economic environment: prospects, customers, suppliers, subcontractors, media, Governments... these are all preferred "targets" for the press secretary whose objective is to develop links with all these partners.

This function calls three requirements: the sense of human relations, the master of a number of communication techniques and essential general culture.

It is in accordance with these three axes that the press secretary program was designed by Maaron Training

It is a very complete program of study for those who are destined to this profession. With Maaron Training, evolve towards this exciting profession!


Training program

1 - The press folder and the technique of publi-news release

2 to 4 - Journalistic techniques (3 volumes)

5 - Public freedoms

6 - Study of the press

7 - typographique Basic rules of the typographic presentation

8 - The synthesis note techniques

9 - Internet

10 - Oral communication

11 - Constitutional law

12 - Study of the press

13 - Economic and social sciences

14 - Construction of the contemporary world

15 - General knowledge test

Course start dates : September and March of each year

Duration of training : 6 months of courses and 3 months of internship

Cost of training : 575, 000 CFA.



Internal communication

  • Internal communication is an indispensable tool in all large or small companies. A good internal communication allows a better involvement of personnel because employees feel themselves motivated and considered. In times of economic difficulty, companies need more than ever to engage their employees in their development to win the fight of the competition.
  • In all sectors, many companies are therefore looking for internal communication professionals. Small or medium-sized companies, multinational corporations or public sector recruit for their internal communication, or if you have the taste of entrepreneurship you can create your communication company.
  • The "Internal Communication" training includes twelve correspondence courses. This distance training focuses on different themes such as communication in organization, knowledge of the company, the meeting techniques or even the handwriting. The course on oral communication is accompanied by a CD that allows further training.


Training program

1 - Information and communication

2 - Formal and informal communication

3 - Handwriting and professional life

4 - Meeting techniques

5 and  6 - Organization psychology

7 - Foundations of the handwriting

8 to 10 - Labour law

11 - Oral communication

12 - Organization knowledge


Course start dates : September and March of each year

Duration of training : 6 months of courses and 3 months of internship

Cost of training : 575, 000 CFA.




The profession of journalist is exciting! But it is also very demanding.

It involves to respect facts, convince, synthesize, have the sense of the formula and a great capacity to express his ideas or to describe an event.

A good journalist should know to do all that but, to understand the world around him, he also needs an excellent general and both historical, political, legal knowledge…

This is why Maaron Training implemented this journalism training to strengthen the general knowledge of the student while teaching him techniques of journalistic writing, and the basic rules of writing and oral expression.

Training program

1 -  Study of the press :

The press, information vehicle. From the agency to the tv screen. And internet came. The major hours. The freedom of the press. The issues Time...

2 - The press folder and the technique of publi-news release :

The press folder - the different types of media: television - radio - newspapers - The press folder requirements - The constituent elements of the press folder - the physical press folder presentation – To whom shall we send the press folder? - Telephonic follow-up of the press folder - the publi-release.

3 -  The contrasts of the global space :

Population and development issues: unequally populated spaces and unequally geographically dynamic, unequally developed areas ... Interdependent spaces: exchanges in the global economy, large flows, statement of the Pacific region ...

4 -  History :

The World in 1945 - the Communist world (1945-1953) - The Western World - The Cold War (1947-1962) - Decolonization - The Middle East in the twentieth century ...

5 -  Civil rights

Principles of civil rights: political democracy, law ...

Example of civil right: Freedom of the press towards political power, money. Importance and complexity of the press. Legal regime of the press ...Civil rights since 1789: classification, formation and evolution in the modern world.

6 to 8 -  Journalistic techniques (3 volumes):

The report - Interview - The journalistic writing ...

9 -  Report writing techniques:

How to write a report from a record of an event or incident? Analysis of the different parts of a report - The fundamental elements of the report..

10 - Oral communication

Be able to speak properly is essential in any profession. Promotions and career development are highly dependent on the candidate's ability to convince and to express ideas clearly.

11 - Photography

This course aims to expose you the basic techniques. As you will have to take pictures ...better master the technical aspects.

12 -Basic rules of the typographical presentation

A text for printing should be presented according to strict codified rules to facilitate the work, improving performance and results are guaranteed equally correct.

13 - Organization and professional life

The first step in the company (professional internships for young people, different contracts ...). Some aspects of the professional life (dismissal, job center, training leave ...).
The relations between employers and employees within the company (Labour Code, collective bargaining ...).
Accidents at workplace (definition, causes, consequences, prevention ...).

14- Constitutional Law

The participation of citizens in public constitutions.
Political systems - Power and Freedom.
French constitutional history - Synthesis.


Course start dates : September and March of each year

Duration of training : 6 months of courses and 3 months of internship

Cost of training : 575, 000 CFA.




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