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Tourism and aviation programs

Air Hostess

Hostesses and stewards are responsible to check before takeoff, the proper functioning of all the devices in the cabin (intercom systems, lighting, life jackets, oxygen masks etc…). They perform the boarding of passengers, helping them in their installation on board. Once passengers on-board, the aircrew gives them safety instructions and indicates them how to use the life jackets and oxygen masks.

After takeoff, the hostesses and stewards are responsible for distributing meals, newspapers, games for children, to ensure that safety instructions are well respected and to ensure that all passengers are comfortably seated.

In case of problem, the aircrew must be able to respond quickly and effectively, to avoid any panic and to provide first aid to a passenger in difficulty. They must give particular attention to children, elderly and persons with disabilities. A commercial aircrew can evolve and become according to the companies: cabin head, head of main cabin, instructor or even commercial aircrew head which is the highest position.

Basic level

G.C.E. 'A' or Baccalaureate Level (diploma or certificate of secondary education). Some companies require the baccalaureate. Also have a good general knowledge.

Conditions necessary to practise the profession of Air Hostess:

The desirable criteria before starting training and fly away are:


- be aged 18 to 40 years maximum

- measure more than 1m 58 for girls and for boys, more than 1m 69

- speak fluent English, other languages are an advantage

- swimming skill (50 m freestyle)

-  possess the physical and mental ability (medical check up of the aircrew)

- have a blank criminal record.

Companies provide themselves security and rescue training to the staff after successful  results, hiring follows after obtaining the certificate of professional competence that we present. Selection days are organized by these companies to constitute internship teams

Course start dates : September and March of each year

Duration of training : 6 months of courses and 3 months of internship

Cost of training : 575, 000 CFA



Hotel Receptionist


The hotel receptionist occupies a key position in the hotel: he (she) is the first point of contact for the guest. He (she) welcomes him, listens his requests and fulfills them… with a smile. He (she) informes the guest on the hotel services (room type, price, benefits…), as well as on tourism activities in the surrounding area.

The hotel receptionist has a trade mission: sell the services of the hotel (restaurant, room-service, sauna…), as well as external benefits (theatre tickets, rental car…)

He (she) also has a management mission: to maintain schedules, billing and monitoring of payments, save the new reservations.

There are many professional opportunities. The hotel receptionist exercises his profession in hotels, tourist home, youth hostel, etc.

Our hotel receptionist training will allow you in 13 correspondence courses to acquire the basics of tourism (organization, actors, types of tourism), types of accommodation, in English and sales techniques (face to face or by telephone).

! Included in the program: DISCOVERY OF AMADEUS!

1 - Tourism: Professional practice

2 - Tourism market

3 - Tourism marketing

4 - Tourist accommodation

5 to 6 - Tourism English

7 - Techniques for welcoming through telephone

8 - Files and database

9 -  Discovery of Amadeus (software not supplied)

10 - Daily office work - from theory to practice

11 - Daily office work - from theory to practice

12 - Use of the calculator

13 -Accounting


Course start dates : September and March of each year

Duration of training : 6 months of courses and 3 months of internship

Cost of training : 575, 000 CFA.



Travel Agent


The travel agent prepares a travel by studying the best prices. He (she) has therefore a trade role

He (she) is in contact with heads of hotels, transportation, animation, including travel agencies. He (she) must therefore master the techniques of communication with a commercial sense, accounting data and of course know the tourism sector. This is the objective of our training.

Included in the program: DISCOVERY OF AMADEUS!


1 - Tourism marketing

2 - Tourism market

3 - Tourist accommodation

4 - Tourism: Professional practice

5 and 6 - Tourism English

7 - Advertising and marketing

8 - Advertising communication

9 - Brochures and order

10 - Files and databases

11 - Discovery of Amadeus (software not supplied)

12 - Meeting techniques

13 - Travel risk management

14 - Cultural tourism


Course start dates : September and March of each year

Duration of training : 6 months of courses and 3 months of internship

Cost of training : 575, 000 CFA.



Reservation agent

The reservation agent, first point of contact for the guest, performs the simple operations of sale, reservation, emission, either in the airline field, of the train, hotels, cars, ferry, etc using a specialized software (amadeus, opera...).

The reservation agent knows questioning techniques, products to offer, insurance, formalities. He applies and respects the regulations in force in tourism (1992 Act). Finally, the reservation agent has a trade role: he applies the rules of profitability, speed, satisfaction and customer loyalty.

This job opportunities are very wide. Reservation agent can work in travel agencies, tour, airline companies (in the city, at the airport), car rental operators, motorcoach operators, SNCF agencies, hotels, reservation centrals, trays of affairs, cruise companies...

The reservation agent training has 18 correspondence courses that will help you acquire the basics necessary for the exercise of this profession :

- tourism economy: the actors (agencies, transport, hotels, etc…), the products (tickets, packages, insurance, tours, circuits, etc.), the legislation.

- techniques of marketing, sales

- software: amadeus

- English


Included in the program: DISCOVERY OF AMADEUS


1 - Travel agencies and tour operator

2 - Professional knowledge

3 - Professional practices

4 - Rail and road transportation

5 - Tourism market

6 - Maritime and river transport

7 - Air transport

8 - Tourism: practical cases

9 - Tourism marketing

10 - Various forms of tourist accommodation

11 and 12 - Tourism English

13 - Files and database

14 - Discovery of Amadeus (software not supplied)

15 - Daily office work

16 - Daily office work

17 - Use of the calculator

18 - Accounting


Course start dates : September and March of each year

Duration of training : 6 months of courses and 3 months of internship

Cost of training : 575, 000 CFA.




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