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College facilities



Each campus has an extensive library providing core textbooks and academic journals for recommended and further reading to deepen students’ understanding of the subjects being studied. In addition, specially developed learning materials presented on-line are able to be accessed, downloaded and printed. A small private study area is available within each library.

IT Lab

Our IT labs are equipped with high-tech computers. These are networked and of course, are provided with high-speed broadband and Internet facilities. The use of printers and scanners is available. Those who have their own laptops, PDA’s and/or wifi devices can make use of the Internet facilities around the campuses subject of course to abiding by the rules and regulations of the College and working within software restrictionsand the Cameroon Internet usage policies.


MBS does not have its own halls of residence, but upon request, can arrange accommodation. There are three main types of accommodation; student hostels, private flats or rooms and home-stays with families.

Lecture rooms

All our large lecture rooms are equipped with modern facilities such as LCD projector, computer and DVD players, as well as comfortable chairs and desks for students. In fact, our lecturers frequently use high quality PowerPoint presentations with handouts that make students’ life much easier.




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